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CORRIM conducts and manages research on the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) research on the environmental impacts
of production, use, and disposal of forest products.


The Plant a Trillion Trees Campaign to Reduce Global Warming - Fleshing Out the Concept.

In the News

Working Forests – A Path to Climate Solutions.

CORRIM Director of Science and Sustainability, Elaine Oneil, speaks at a webinar about working forests and how they can contribute to solutions for climate change conducted by Resources For the Future.  …

Introducing the CLTree

Using Tiny Bits of Trees to Save The Forest

In this talk Michael Goergen discusses how to help forests and the environment using cellulosic nanotechnology. Michael Goergen joined the U.S. Endowment for Forestry and Communities (Endowment) in September of …

Healthy Demand for Southern Timber Ensures Forested Lands Remain Forested

The evidence is clear: Demand for forest products—including wood pellets, wood chips and other renewable wood resources used to generate energy—is associated with more, not less, productive forests.   …

Sierra Institute for Community and Environment

This full CLT building houses a biomass heating system, fueled by wood chips from forest health projects in Plumas County, to provide sustainable heat to the Health and Human Services …

Oregon State University’s New Mass Timber Building

The new Peavy Hall, Oregon State’s Forest Science Complex is under construction.  The complex will demonstrate innovative uses of wood in building design and showcase different engineered wood products and materials …

NHERI TallWood Project

With global urbanization trends, the demands for tall residential and mixed-use buildings in the range of 8~20 stories are increasing. One new structural system in this height range are tall …