Integrating Working Forests and Wood Products into the Circular Economy
January 21-22, 2020, University of Washington, Seattle WA


The workshop brought together 41 invited scientists and experts in the fields of carbon science, forestry, wood products, marketing & economics, forest policy, LCA, architecture, buildings & construction, engineering, wood bio-products, biomass energy, and outreach & education. For 2 days we explored methods for incorporating circular economy principles into the North American wood economy and built relationships and an integrated cross-disciplinary research team. The workshop deliverables will be used to build integrated, multi-institutional research proposal(s) that will provide a viable framework for characterizing wood as part of the circular economy in North America.

The workshop summary captures the major themes of the workshop, including a discussion of the research topics that emerged. It can be accessed here.


To set the stage, presentations that set the context for what is included in the circular economy, wood as a disruptive carbon negative technology, and how it serves as a critical piece of the climate change solution for the built environment  were recorded.  Additional 3 minute lightening rounds from a range of participants will be uploaded in the near future.

A Framework for Incorporating Wood into the Circular Economy
CORRIM Technical Note: Effective Uses of Forest-Derived Products to Reduce Carbon Emissions
The agenda
A list of the attendees

Integrating Wood into the Circular Economy

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