What are Fact Sheets?

CORRIM Fact Sheets are published summaries highlighting research results and draw from a number of the other reports and publications. They provide an easy source of information regarding the activities of CORRIM.

Factsheet #1 January 1997Introduction to CORRIM
Bruce Lippke

Factsheet #2 August 2004CORRIM Report on Environmental Performance Measures for Renewable Building Materials
Bruce Lippke, Jim Wilson

Factsheet #3 September 2004 – The Role of Northwest Forests and Forest Management on Carbon Storage
Bruce Lippke,  John Perez-Garcia,  Jeffrey Comnick

Factsheet #4 September 2005 – Reducing Environmental Consequences of Residential Construction through Product Selection and Design
Lucy Edmonds, Bruce Lippke

Factsheet #5 March 2009Maximizing Forest Contributions to Carbon Mitigation

Factsheet #6 December 2009 – Product and Process Environmental Improvement Analysis for Buildings (Carbon Life-Cycle Assessment)
Bruce Lippke

Factsheet #7 January 2010 – Woody Biofuel Contributions to Carbon Mitigation: Opportunities and Problems – Introduction
Bruce Lippke, Elaine Oneil

Factsheet #8 January 2010 – Decision support for identification of best forest treatments for life-cycle carbon offsets, fire reduction, and avoiding future costs
Elaine Oneil, Bruce Lippke, James McCarter, Ken Skog

Factsheet #9 June 2010 – Forest Management Impacts on Carbon Pools in the Inland West
Elaine Oneil, Bruce Lippke

Factsheet #10 December 2013 – The Role of Forests, Management, and Forest Products on Carbon Mitigation