CORRIM was formed in 1996 by 15 research institutions as a non-profit research corporation to provide a scientific database of information for quantifying the environmental impacts of producing and using renewable wood materials.

CORRIM has emerged as the scientific authority relied upon by researchers, government, and others interested in the environmental impacts of various materials.

CORRIM Directors

Director of Operations
Director of Science & Sustainability

CORRIM Voting Institutions

North Carolina State University (NC State)Steve KelleyExecutive Committee - PresidentPersonal BIO
University of Tennessee (UT)Adam TaylorExecutive Committee – Vice President,
Secretary & Treasurer
Personal BIO
Timothy RialsAlternatePersonal BIO
Oregon State University (OSU)Arijit SinhaBoard MemberPersonal BIO
University of Idaho (UI)Armando MacDonaldBoard MemberPersonal BIO
University of Washington (UW)Indro GangulyBoard MemberPersonal BIO
Richard GustafsonAlternatePersonal BIO
FPInnovationsLal MahalleBoard MemberWebsite
Brooks Forest Products Center, Virginia Tech (VPI)Henry QuesadaBoard MemberPersonal BIO
FNR, Purdue UniversityEva HaviarovaBoard MemberPersonal BIO
University of Maine (UMaine)Stephen ShalerBoard MemberPersonal BIO
State University of New York (SUNY)Susan AnagnostBoard MemberPersonal BIO
Tim VolkAlternatePersonal BIO
APA, The Engineered Wood AssociationSteve ZylkowskiBoard MemberWebsite
WWPA (Western Wood Products Association)Kevin CheungBoard MemberWebsite
CPA (Composite Panel Association)Gary HerouxBoard MemberWebsite
Global Institute of Sustainable Forestry, Yale UniversityChad OliverBoard MemberPersonal BIO
Louisiana State University (LSU)Richard VloskyBoard MemberPersonal BIO
Northern Arizona University (NAU)Han-Sup HanBoard MemberPersonal BIO
Washington State University (WSU)Mike WolcottBoard MemberPersonal BIO

CORRIM Advisers/Cooperators

American Wood Council (AWC)Ken BlandWebsite
Robert Glowinski
Navarro Research & Engineering, Inc. US DOE Golden Field OfficeBryce StokesWebsite
University of Washington (UW)Bruce Lippke
President Emeritus; Professor Emeritus