Integrating Wood Into The Circular Economy

Carbon Leadership Forum Wood Carbon Seminars

TPO User Group Meeting

Carbon Negative Technologies

Wood is Good - or Is It?

Recorded live at the Society of American Foresters Convention in Portland Oregon on October 5, 2018. It characterizes the underlying conditions that must hold true to assert that “Wood is Good” and provides a report card for the Pacific Northwest USA states forest sustainability.

Forest Carbon Considerations Linking Land Use and Wood Utilization

Carbon – Better in the Woods or the Wood Product?

This video was recorded live for the Oregon Small Woodland Association in Corvallis Oregon on January 11, 2019. From a broad overview of the science, we drill down to the core actions that small forest landowners can take for carbon mitigation.

Faulty Carbon Policies

This video explores the unintended consequences of a range of carbon policies for wood products.

Cut Trees to Save the Environment – Who Knew?

This video explores the life cycle of carbon as it moves from the atmosphere to the tree, to the wood product and finally into the building.