Wood Carbon Seminars

The Wood Carbon Seminars was an 8-part webinar series hosted by the Carbon Leadership Forum in the Spring of 2020.  It brought together wood experts to answer common and critical questions about the carbon impacts of wood from the building industry.

The webinars categories and speakers:

Background and Basics

Cynthia West, USDA Forest Service
Kent Wheiler, University of Washington
Discussion Supplementary Slides

LCA and Wood

Reid Meiner, National Council for Air and Stream Improvement (NCASI)
James Salazar, Coldstream Consulting
Elaine Oneil, CORRIM

Tracking Carbon in North America

Lauren Cooper, Michigan State University
Grant Domke, USDA Forest Service
Maggie Wildnauer, Sphera

Wood and the Building Industry

Pay Layton, Clemson University
David Diaz, Ecotrust
Edie Sonne Hall, Three Trees Consulting

Top 10 Questions & Answers

Master List of Question & Answers